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Welcome to Avasya Labs

We will ensure you are getting The Best Service & Accurate Results.

Avasya Labs Pvt Ltd is Analytical Testing Laboratory which is formed by highly qualufied professionals in the year of 2021. we are following Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) as per WHO Guidelines.Avasya Labs is approved by Drug Centrol Administraion (DCA) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) by the Govt of Telagana and is ISO 9001:2015 Certifild.We tend to committed to supply prompt ans efficient testing services by giving accurate reliable and traceable analytical tests meeting the custimer requirements similarly as regulatory authorities



Our vision is to become a global leader in analytical services and to be recognized through Innovation, Quality driven customer focuses with competence. We endeavor to offer advanced technology and technical proficiency for all segments of every industry we oblige, and to continually improve our quality, processes, and knowledge base through research, study and collaboration.

Our Mission is to provide fast, accurate, reliable analytical services that are highest quality achievable reflecting the commitments towards our client's expectations.


Innovation, Quality, Compliance, Integrity, Collaboration, Continuous Improvement and Team Work.


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